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Choclate puzzle question.

Suppose you have 10 rupees in your pocket and you buy the 10 choclates each of rupees 1.but there is a offer that is if you return 2 choclate covers then you will get 1 extra choclate so,the question is how many choclate you will get?

Ans=firstly you have 10 cover. After returning 10 covers. You will get 5 extra choclate and now you have 5 choclate cover. Again 4 choclate cover you will return and remain one cover on your hand and you you will get 2 extra choclate again you have 2 cover. Again you will get one choclate now you have one extra remaining so, again you have 2 cover. Now you will get 1 extra choclate.

So, the total number of choclate=10+5+2+1+1+1=19