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  • learning code,doing coding is so interesting but sometimes we get confused to write a code,we get confused what actually the action of code is happening in a program So,don’t worry about all those things.in this website you will get code as well as its proper explanation what the code actually doing in the program,
  • so,the main motto of this site is to share knowledge to the people.

shorting of elements in c programming

There are many ways to short the given elements in c programming .

let us look different process of shorting of elements in c programming one by one.

  1. Bubble short.
  2. selection short.
  3. merge short.

HTML tags and its functions.

if you are beginner for html,it’s important to have some basic knowledge about
html tags.here all basic HTML tags are listed to help you learn.

1)HTML paragraph Tag

It defines a paragraph into web document.HTML paragraph represent by <p> and </p>

eg. <p>this is a paragraph </p>

2)HTML heding Tag

It defines a heading into web page(document).and it is written as <h1>,<h2>,<h3> and so on to <h6>.from h1 to h6 the size of heading is decrease.

3)HTML image Tag

This tag is use to insert image on the web page and it is written as <img>.

4)HTML div Tag

It is use to divide the section of the page to make blocks .and it is written as <div>

5)HTML anchor Tag

It is use to link internal and external document or simply it link one address
to another address and it is written as
It is also called link tag.

6)HTML marquee Tag

It is use to move anything from right to left.and it is written as <marquee>.example of marquee tag is <marquee><h1>——–</h1></marquee>

7)HTML list Tag

It is ust to show all item in a list.List Tag starts with

List Tags are four types.

a)<ul> = unordered list

b)<ol> = ordered list

c)<li> = list item

d)<di>= description list