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  • learning code,doing coding is so interesting but sometimes we get confused to write a code,we get confused what actually the action of code is happening in a program So,don’t worry about all those things.in this website you will get code as well as its proper explanation what the code actually doing in the program,
  • so,the main motto of this site is to share knowledge to the people.

what is html ?and basic structure of html.

HTML or Hypertext markup language, is most widely used language on web.
we often get confuse about html is a programming language but the reality is
it is not a programming language, but rather a markup language.and it is
use for make world wide web pages.
hypertext refers to the way in which web pages (html file/documents)
are linked together .when you click a link in a web page ,you are using

markup language describes how HTML works.with a markup language ,you
simply “mark up” a document with tags that tell a web browser how to
structure it to display .

There are elements in html and elements are the building blocks of html page
and the elements are represent by <>tags.

Basically ,there are two types of tags present in html.

a)opening tag

b)closing tag

eg,</p> </html>,</p>,</body>, etc.

we need to close every tag every time .but there is some exception in tas
, etc in this tags we don’t need to close the tag and such
tags are called non pair tag ans also called empty tag.

Tags in which we need to close tags after open such tags are called
pair tags.

To know more about tags and it individual work .just click here

Basic structure of html

what is OOPs ?and what are the features of OOPs.

oops is the programming language based on the object-oriented model.
basically with the help of class and object.

There are many definetions you need to know


it is the entity that consists the function(behaviour) and data .it
can be physical and logical

eg1.eye,legs,hand,mouth of human being.

here, each object has its own function.

eg2.lets suppose a mobile phone
b.capicity of battery
d.Internal memory

here,each object carry its data.

like,model=samsung galixy J7 next
capicity of battery=3000Mah
internal memory=16GB


class is nothing but the collection of objects.

eg.lets consider car as a class and its parts(wheels,string etc) are called object.

3.information hiding

The process of hiding information (details) of an object or function.information hiding is a
powerful programming technique because it reduces complexcity of the program.


The atributes of one class is derived into another class is called inheritance.

lets suppose two class.
class a and class b,if the attributes (object) of class a is derived into class b ,then class b
is the inherentence of class a.

again,suppose a human being .let male and female be the object of the class human being.but again
the function of legs,ears,mouth,hands and nose are same in both male and female.the we can say male
and female is the inherentence of human being.

5.message communication

messang passing is the form of comminucation used in parrelm programming and OOPs.


The ability of programming language to process objects diffrently depending on their data type or class.


The process of hiding internal details(data) is called encapsulation.


It is the one feature of OOP ,where you show the relevant data(details) to the user and hide irrelevant details.

eg,If we want to send the mail then we just write the mail and just click on the send button and
we get the information that is mail is sucessfully send.but the actual details of mail while sending is hidden from we that is how much data is transimitted over the network.to hide this thing is called

about us

what is code?

code is the set of instruction which does changes in the software,websites etc, which communicates human understanding language with machine

all android application,desktop application,software,websites and many more are made with coding

coding means to write a code.

eg-to make software

software is nothing but collection of code,as we know computer does not work by its own,each and
every time we need to give instruction to do a particular task .for to do that particular task we
need to code for the software.

example of code in python

x=int(input(“enter 1st number”))
y=int(input(“enter 2st number”))
print(“addition of two numbers= “,x+y)