To find largest and smallest number in a list using python programming .

firstly, we need to input elements in a list and print the output which one is largest and which one smallest .

The code is given below:

n=int(input("Enter the number of elements to be in the list:"))
for i in range(0,n):
a=int(input("Enter elements:")
print("largest number= ",b[n-1])
print("smallest number= ",b[0])


1)user must input the number of elements and elements

2) Then elements will append(to add elements in a list from left to right) in the list a[] .inside the for loop because to read the element in each time and to append yo the list .

3) Then shorting of list happen.obviously in the list a .the 1st position and last position is the smallest and largest number in list.and lastly print the output .

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