Julia is the dyamic programming language is one of the popular language , in case the matter is come about the scientific computing, no other language can beat julia.
It’s a free and open source programming language which is very much capable of providing high-performance(high speed) comparing to other languages like python,matlab etc. and now a days julia is competing with other programming language.

history of julia

well, julia was developed in usa at MIT .
The lead developers Alan Edelman, Jeff Bezanson, Stefan Karpinski and Viral Shah  in the year 2012.

main reason for develope julia.

well, as we all know all programming languages have its own advantages and disadvantages .which is one language can develop fast but its execution is very slow (like python,matlab,r etc) in other hand developement is really slow but its execution is very fast (like c,c++ ).

To solve this problem julia was develop. we have already learn julia is a dynamic language as well as julia combines python’s with c’performance.

That means ,julia is the combination of python and c.we have already discuss about the performance of python and c .These means julia is fast in development as well as in execution. and it easily breaks the barrier between dynamic and static programming language.

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